Bio and Resume

I was not an elite soldier, nor a “hero” by any means, but proudly served in Iraq as an Army Reserve Staff Sergeant while attached to the Stryker Brigade Combat Team (3-2) out of Fort Lewis, Washington.  I joined the reserves in 2001 while working as a Berkeley Police Officer and volunteered for a deployment to Afghanistan because of 9/11.  In 2003 I finally got the opportunity.  After getting mobilized we learned our mission would be in Iraq.  I deployed in support of the 2nd Infantry Division and the experience forever changed me.  Serving my country at war was the most seminal event of my life and everything since then has been viewed through the lens of this experience. 


I was extremely impressed and proud of the fact that our combat brigade was not only extraordinarily proficient at their war fighting mission but equally compassionate for the people we were trying to help.  In what at times seemed a surreal existence, we conducted raids against insurgents at night and delivered humanitarian supplies to refugees by day.  This dichotomy and the ability to do both well is quite a statement about the professionalism and character of our current generation of warriors.

As a member of a Civil Affairs Team my job was to interface with the civilian population, conduct assessments, and provide for their needs.  Among other missions, we helped deliver humanitarian supplies to over 2,000 refugees.  But because the infantry soldiers in our brigade were so good at helping the civilian populous on their own I at times felt superfluous!  

I feel fortunate to have worked with such an amazing group of men and women.  You have good cause to be proud of them.  My experience in combat and its effects on me when I returned home was the impetus for me to enter filmmaking and acting.  Acting and story telling through the medium of film and stage has become a form of catharsis for me as a veteran.  I hope to promote these arts as an additional form of therapy for veterans dealing with PTSD.  


I also believe that art transcends politics and brings people together.  Because of this, I created the veteran theatre company Warriors For Peace Theatre.  We are a pro veteran, non-partisan company whose purpose is to promote peace and healing through the theatre arts by bringing veterans of different nations together to perform Shakespeare and other works.  


Thanks for stopping by,​  Christopher Loverro

Television & Internet                                                                                                

Sillicon Valley                                                    Co-Star - Paramedic                      HBO

Nobility                                                          Co-Star - SGT Steel                    Amazon Prime

I Almost Got Away With It (5 episodes)          Co-Star - Detective                        Discovery Channel
I Faked My Own Death                                     Co-Star - Detective                        Discovery Channel
Generation Brazil                                              Co-Star - Police Officer                 Xlerator Media Group     

Astrid Clover                                                      Guest Star - Mob Boss                   Internet                

Trauma                                                               Featured - SWAT Cop.                   NBC 
View From The Bay                                           Special Guest                                  ABC           
KTVU Channel 2 News                                      Featured Story                               Fox News


Julius Ceasar                                                   Brutus                                              The Hudson Theatres

Much Ado About Nothing                            Don Pedro "The Prince"                 Pacifica Spindrift Player
As You Like It                                                 Orlando                                            College of Marin
Get. That. Snitch                                            Jerry Midas                                      Atwater Theatre

Beyond Sight                                                  LT. Johnson                                      Stella Adler Theatre    

As You Like It                                                 Orlando                                            CAL State East Bay

American Soldier                                           Carlos Jr.                                          American Legion P43

Roswell                                                            General Ramey                                Tre Stage

The Crucible                                                   John Proctor                                    College of Marin (Brown Bag)

Broken Glass                                                  Dr. Hyman                                       College of Marin (Brown Bag)

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom                           Understudy                                      College of Marin


Star Wars Path of Freedom                        Lead - Jedi Knight                        David Shipko Productions

Haven                                                            Lead - Veteran                              USC School Of Cinematic Arts

Appreciated Andy                                        Lead -  Mob Boss                          USC School Of Cinematic Arts

Alex                                                                Co-Lead - Dad                               USC School Of Cinematic Arts

No Exit                                                           Lead - Garcin                                Connie Siu Production

Journey Home                                               Lead - Soldier                               BDFI Production
Soldier's Story                                               Lead - Veteran                              BDFI Production
Hidden Casualties                                        Lead - Veteran                              BDFI Production
Blank Slate                                                    Lead - Boyfriend                           UC Berkeley
"Titanic"                                                         Lead - Talent Agent                     BDFI Production 

Mirage                                                            Principal - Soldier                        Kyle Valle Productions

Blood Makes the Green Grass Grow          Principal - Veteran                       Green Growth Productions

Rubicon is Broken                                        Principal - Detective                     Turn On The Dark Productions

Love Hurts                                                     Principal - SWAT cop                   Albert Lopez Productions

Flawed                                                            Supporting - Referee                    Connie Siu

The Ride                                                         Supporting - "Stan"                       BDFI Productions

Sisyphus                                                         Supporting - Guard                       Joel Pincosy Productions  

Callow Bandits                                              Voice Only - Police Officer           BDFI Productions 


Training and Education                                                                                              

DEGREE:                           UC Berkeley, BA in Peace and Conflict Studies

IMPROVISATION:           Second City Acting Conservatory Graduate, College Of Marin

SCENE STUDY:                Ivanna Chubbuck, Independent Shakespeare Company, Antaeus, Susan Giosa, Chris Game
SHAKESPEARE:               Independent Shakespeare Company, Antaeus Classical Academy, College of Marin, Susan Angelo

COMMERCIAL:                Chris Game, Mike Pointer                           

VOCALS:                           Antaeus Classical Academy, City College Of San Francisco
STAGE COMBAT:            Antaeus Classical Academy

Special Skills and Background                                                                                  


Expertise in humanitarian operations, weapons and  small unit tactics, close quarter battle.



Expertise in hostage rescue, advanced firearms, tactics, and police procedures.


Korean Language: basic

Accents: British RP, Cockney, Italian, New York, Southern

Martial-Arts: Black belt​

Conflict Resolution/Mediator

SCUBA (advanced and rescue cert.)​

Motorcycle MC1 license

Classically Trained




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